Booking Policies

Thank you for choosing us at Lashing On The Run Lash Studio

Please read the following before booking your lash appointment for optimum results and understanding. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or email if you have questions or concerns. 

By booking an appointment with us you are agreeing to the following:


I understand that a deposit totaling half the cost of my scheduled service is required to secure an appointment.

I understand that I do not have an appointment until my deposit has been paid in full and I have received a confirmation email.

I understand that the amount of my service is due in full at scheduled appointment time.

I understand that if I cancel my appointment less than 24 hours before my scheduled appointment time that I will be required to pay previous balance in full before booking another appointment and if I reschedule I will be charged a fee of $10 to be added to my service that is due at the time of my next appointment. I understand that rescheduling more than once will cause my deposit to be forfeited and I will be charged full amount of service.

I understand that if I am not 100% satisfied with my lash experience that I must contact and allow a response within 24 hours to resolve my issue. I understand that in this case a text message or message via social media will not be acceptable.

I understand that all sales are final and I will not be issued a refund at any time.

I understand that if I am more than 15 minutes late to my appointment I will be charged a $15 LATE FEE. Any time period exceeding 15 minutes will require my appointment to be rescheduled.

I understand that no call, no shows and last minute cancellations will be charged full amount of service using card on file or I will not be allowed to book another appointment until previous balance is paid in full.

I understand that proper aftercare is essential in keeping my lashes as long as possible.
- no water on lash extensions for up to 48 hours
- no oil or moisturizing products including eye creams near or on eyes at any time.

I understand that sweating, working out, naturally oily skin, constantly touching my lashes, and picking or pulling at my lashes may cause premature fall out.

I understand that if I arrive to my appointment with little to no lashes or I am exceeding 3 weeks without a fill I will be charged a full set.

I understand that if my lash session is X minutes and I am late to my appointment I will still have to end session at allotted time.

I understand that I am authorizing any payments made to Lashing On The Run online or swiping my card while present at appointment time.

I understand that any attempts to report fraud or dispute a transaction will prohibit me from receiving services with Lashing On The Run.

By booking an appointment, I am agreeing to the above stated terms and stipulations regarding services I receive from E’Nia Simms (Owner of Lashing On The Run) and employees.